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OEM Parts

We can offer OEM customized solutions for E-Bike brands that will use their own software and layout. Togheter with the client we can make a software version that will suits the need of your customers. This software will only be used on your displays and controllers. The layout colors and begin / end screen can personalise to your company's corporate identity.

Display LYRA G3

Display VB T154 is a high end TFT display with a GUI interface suitable for mounting left of right position on the handlebar. Light sensor is available, the system will automaticly adjust the screen brightness. Important features are: Speed, ODO, Trip, Battery voltage, Power usage. This smart system can also check the working of accessories such as the Motor, PAS, Brakesensor or Speedsensor so the customer can always do a first diagnosis. There also is a WH meter so you can see how much power the battery has used in overal distance. We can program a start and end screen with your logo / text.

3 12 1098
Ebike display dewi G3

Display DEWI G3

Display DEWI G3 is a high end TFT display with the same GUI interface like the LYRA G3. This display is for mounting in the middle of the handlebar and can be controlled with the separate key operation that can be placed left or right next to the display. The DEWI G3 display has the same features like the LYRA G3. Both display can be programed with a service interval after 500km or more, dealer can choose the exact km.

E-Bike contoller

The controller is the main device of the system it can work from 24V up to 48V. We can make a special cable set up for the customers need. Our controller can run almost all brushless DC motors. We can setup the controller in Squarewave, Sinewave or FOC mode. The system runs in low power consumption so it will save battery up to 20%! The system (display + controller) can be programed by PC there for we have a special dongle:

  • Managing firmware database
  • Motor tool to read a new motor in the firmware
  • Change different driving feelings for different customers
  • Loading special pictures to display
  • Changing font color
  • Make a service notice
  • Testing bike with unlimited speed
  • Setting or revising a password
  • Check the data recorder
Ebike controller 36v vanbeijck
Motor rollerbrake premium voor

E-Bike Motor

We have a cooperation with a well known motor manufacturer to use the best motor components matching our drivesystem. We provide the specifications and design for the motor, mostly we use 36V 250W. The motor can be build for front or rear drive and can be made with different braking systems: V-Brake, Discbrake or Rollerbrake.

E-Bike Battery

This 36V E-Bike battery is developed for high capacity lithium ion 21700 cells. The 21700 cell give us more capacity and has a lighter weight to carry. We also provide a rear luggage rack to fit in the battery on the bicycle.

Van Beijck Endurance accu ebike
Accu lader van beijck

E-Bike Charger

The 4 stage E-Bike charger is a high proffesional charger that can be used for various E-Bike brands. The charger can be used with different charge plugs. This charger is available for 24V, 36V and 48V.


PAS Sensor

We have more types PAS sensor, the most special is the new VB TC. This new pass sensor can be installed next to the chainwheel on the frontside of the crank. The sensor senses the signal by detecting the rotation of the tooths on the chainwheel. This sensor can be installed on every bicycle.

Speed sensor

This well designed speed sensor had a smaller size and is easily to install. When the sensor is active the indicator on sensor will blink while the wheel is rotating. This is a high accurate sensor that will show the right speed on each wheelsize.

Ebike speedsensor magnet VB
6 V converter ebike

6V Converter

Usually battery voltage on ebike is 24/36/48V, but some electric applications like LED light or others need 5v or 6v supplier output. This converter is a good solution and makes it possible to convert voltage (7-60v) to 5v or 6v or others special output voltage.


60 LUX OSRAM Led E-Bike light the wide voltage can fit to most types of bicycles. This headlight with 6V - 58V wide voltages, is suitable for dynamo bottle, hub dynamo, and E-Bike. This Light has a IPX-5 strong waterproof function and can resist the bad weather.

Ebike light LED
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